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Outpatient Treatment Programme 

Outpatient drug rehabilitation programs are not discussed as often as inpatient rehabilitation treatment programs, however, when run correctly an outpatient program has the ability to achieve the same positive outcome as any inpatient treatment program.

An outpatient program is much less intensive than an inpatient alcohol or drug rehabilitation program, and in many cases is more budget friendly.

Although an inpatient program is usually better suited to individuals who are severely addicted and who require more focused therapy and care.

Outpatient rehabilitation is typically recommended for people who are at the beginning stages of addiction. Additionally, it’s for those who would like to continue receiving support and guidance as they reintegrate back into society following the completion of an inpatient program.

What are the benefits of an outpatient rehabilitation program?

  • You have constant access to your support system. You can still live at home and be among your loved ones while you undergo your treatment. Having a reliable support system available to you is very important when undergoing rehabilitation.
  • Outpatient rehabilitation programs cost less than inpatient programs. This is because it’s a less intensive form of treatment yet still highly effective.
  • Unlike an inpatient program, you do not need to take leave from work or school or any other parts of your life. You can continue attending to your daily life while receiving outpatient treatment.

Step Away outpatient rehabilitation programme

Step Away Wellness Centre allows clients who have completed our inpatient program the opportunity to receive affordable, high-quality outpatient treatment.

This program runs for 6 weeks and consists of one hour of one on one therapy each week. Additionally, we also offer a consultation with a registered GP if necessary.

Should there be any underlying health issues or risks which cannot be attended to by the Step Away staff, the counsellor and/or doctor will refer the client to a more specialised treatment facility.

Step Away uses a holistic approach when dealing with addiction and addresses the underlying causes of addiction.

We also pay close attention to helping the client implement healthy coping mechanisms, develop tools to manage their daily lives and make healthy lifestyle changes in order to live a drug and alcohol-free life.

Additionally, family sessions can be arranged in order to make all the relevant family members aware of the sort of behaviour and emotions the client will be experiencing during his or her treatment.

Family members will also be advised on what their roles are throughout the treatment and will be given some guidance on how to cope with process.

There is also an option for individual family members to receive counselling should they be struggling to handle the family member undergoing rehabilitation.

Step Away – Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa

To find out more about our new outpatient drug rehabilitation program and how it can benefit you or a loved one following the completion of our inpatient program, please contact us today.


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