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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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Step Away is an alcohol addiction (alcoholism) rehabilitation treatment centre in South Africa.

We treat a number of addictions and we run a variety of rehabilitation treatment programmes, each customised to suite each patient’s specifics and severity of their condition.

Alcoholism Treatment South Africa | Alcohol Rehab South Africa

The frequent abuse of alcohol otherwise known as alcoholism, has been a devastating social problem throughout the history of modern man.

Currently the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises that there are approximately 140 million alcoholics worldwide, with South Africa having one of the highest alcohol consumption rates per capita in the world.

Consequently, there is a large number of people living with alcohol related problems in South Africa and the demand for alcoholism treatment is extremely high.

Alcohol Abuse - The family's disease

Alcoholism and binge drinking affects not only the alcohol abuser but also their family members and loved ones.

The harmful use of alcohol is also linked to a range of mental and behavioural disorders, as well as injuries suffered whilst under the influence.

Alcoholism - A Treatable Disease

An alcoholic is someone who uses alcohol as a coping mechanism and relies on it to help them deal with physical, emotional, or spiritual pain or needs.

It's important to understand that alcoholism is a chronic disease; and it is in no way a lack of willpower or weakness.

Like various other diseases, it has a sequence that you can predict;

  • alcohol abuse has well-known symptoms,
  • your genetic predisposition influences your addiction
  • additionally, your life situation and circumstances can impact your addiction.

Furthermore, it's important to know that abusing alcohol can and will:

  • harm your relationships,
  • cause you to ruin professional connections,
  • miss work,
  • and often leads to legal complications and implications such as drinking and driving convictions.

This disease can be sorted into two categories, psychological dependency and physical dependency, and if not identified and treated in time both have the ability to cause devastation.

Alcoholism Treatment & Rehabilitation at Step Away Treatment Centre

At Step Away Alcohol Treatment Centre, we use various successful methods and techniques to treat alcohol dependency.

Living a life without alcohol, finding a sober life, is at the core of our treatment program.

As patients participate in our treatment programmes, different group therapies, yoga sessions, workshops and tasks, they begin to realise the positivity of the changes they have made in their lives.

They begin to see how destructive the nature of their alcohol addiction is to their lives and the people around them.

With the support and guidance of our staff and psychologists, patients are able to confront their substance addiction without having to fear that they are alone in their battle.

Because we approach the disease holistically, our patients learn to address their lifestyle issues rather than avoid them.

Our staff members are all fully qualified and experienced in their professions, and will perform a full medical assessment upon arrival.

This is done to assess the severity of the alcohol dependency and accurately prescribe the correct form of alcohol treatment.

In cases where it is necessary, we are also able to provide supervised medical alcohol detoxification as an essential first step in an alcohol rehab treatment.

Our aim is to help provide the necessary skills needed to live a sober life.

The road to recovery is long and sometime rocky, but the journey is worth it.

Step Away is a licensed alcohol rehab in South Africa, please contact us for alcohol rehab addiction treatment today.

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